welcome to medford

The Hillside Brewing Company

A brewing company that doesn't exist.

Never boxed, rarely bottled.

Our Founders


ENFP. Medium tall. Outside voice all the time. Cuts his own hair. Enthusiast.


Comes in a variety of hairstyles. Sneaky in a good way. Saxophone extraordinary. Has 3 trucks. Good climber. Better friend.

there's absolutely nothing legal about this at all

Hateful EIGHT: The Northern IPA

8.7% ABV

A classic new england staple that your dad will probably like. I fucked up the math so its extra alcoholic. We only brewed eight of them. Permanently Sold Out (forever).

LEMONGRĂ„D: The Original Lemeonwein

12% ABV

Inspired by standards of living in the Soviet Union, this citrus surprise has also been discontinued. But for how long?

Swarm of Angry Bees: The Short Mead

7.2% ABV

Inspired by bees, you shouldn't drive after drinking this strawberry-touched, never-oaked, plastic-aged honey beverage. We have like three gallons of it left.

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